Teleos Ag Solutions was founded with the mission to make it easy for customers around the world to fight nematodes with Telone, supported by best-in -class customer service, stewardship, and soil fumigation research.

One of the company’s core values is its commitment to product stewardship, from storage and safe handling through the delivery and application.

Teleos is our committed to safety for its employees and customers through training, research & development of new products and equipment, and taking an active role in regulatory issues globally.

Stewardship Guides Downloads

Teleos is committed to the safe stewardship of Telone II. Download our stewardship guides, below.

Transportation Guide
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Storage and Handling Guide
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Stewardship Guide
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Teleos Application Innovation

Applying Telone® With Ease and Precision

Watch how precision application equipment innovations and variable-rate technology enhances the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Telone® soil fumigant applications.