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2022 Kennewick stewardship fumigation training meeting

PNW Stewardship Training Meetings

Stewardship is always top of mind for the Teleos team. As part of our ongoing stewardship efforts, our TELONE™ Specialists host stewardship training meetings across the country. For the past two summers, our PNW TELONE™ Specialist, Robin Matson, has hosted two large stewardship meetings in Moses Lake and Kennewick, Washington. Robin’s stewardship meetings are designed […]

TELONE™ and Chloropicrin: A One-Two Punch for Nematodes and Soilborne Diseases

Agricultural diseases can decimate your crop if you don’t take the proper preventative steps. Nematodes and other soilborne diseases need to be stopped in their tracks—and the right soil fumigation techniques can make all the difference. In this blog post, we cover the main benefits of TELONE™ and how combining chloropicrin with TELONE™ yields additional […]

Why Healthy Roots Matter for Agriculture

In this blog post, we will explore why healthy roots are absolutely essential for crop growth and productivity. A plant’s roots serve as the main pathway through which water and nutrients are absorbed from the soil, and without robust, vigorous roots systems, plants cannot absorb enough nutrients to support their growth and yield. As we […]