All formulations of TELONE™ can be applied to bare ground or under plastic, offering application ease and flexibility. TELONE™ II immediately converts to a gas, then moves through the soil profile. TELONE™ II is a “true” fumigant, meaning it moves through the soil on its own, without the need for moisture.

Nematode Protection

TELONE™ provides unsurpassed control of all major crop-attacking nematodes. TELONE™ II helps growers battle certain diseases that enter roots via holes created by nematodes, creating a large zone of protection around the root zone. TELONE™ II is the industry standard for nematode control, and leads to better crops and higher yields.


Teleos Ag Solutions takes safety seriously and we want to make it easy for our customers to always be prepared. We’ve partnered with Cardinal Safety Supply to outline all of the required PPE you’ll need when handling/applying TELONE™ II. Save 10% on your order using the code Teleos22 at checkout.

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TELONE™ II soil fumigant is a preplant soil fumigant for control of all major species of nematodes, including root-knot, lesion, stubby-root, dagger, ring and cyst. TELONE™ II is injected into the soil as a liquid and immediately converts to a gas, creating a zone of protection around developing roots. As a fumigant, TELONE™ moves throughout the soil profile without requiring water or incorporation for movement.