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Press Release 12/3/20

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PINEHURST, NC, December 3, 2020 – Teleos Ag Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TriCal Soil Solutions, Inc., is the global business partner for Dow Chemical’s 1,3-D, sold under the brand name TELONE™. Teleos is pleased to announce it has chosen Gowan Crop Protection Limited as its strategic marketing and distribution partner for TELONE™ in Spain and Italy.

TELONE™ is widely accepted worldwide as the industry standard pre-plant nematicide in vegetable crops, potatoes, onions, field crops, fruit and nut crops, nursery crops, and mint. Teleos Ag Solutions will leverage the expertise and application knowledge of the TriCal Group to offer customers around the world best-in-class customer service, product knowledge, and stewardship, while beginning to build its product portfolio, bringing a powerful solution to growers battling crop-destroying pests and pathogens.

To deliver the best possible customer experience globally, Teleos will directly service its customers in the Americas and Japan, while partnering with Gowan in Italy and Spain. “We admire the customer relationships and in-country expertise that Gowan has built over its 60 years in the agrochemical industry,” says Dennis Lane, President, Teleos Ag Solutions. “We look forward to working with Gowan to grow the TELONE™ business in Spain and Italy. We admire the Jessen family and the global business they have grown, and we look forward to a prosperous business relationship.”

Gowan Crop Protection Limited and Teleos Ag Solutions are working closely for a smooth transition, with sales to customers effective January 1, 2021. Gowan Italia will oversee approximately 50 direct customers and Gowan Espanola another 20, while working in close communication with Teleos Ag Solutions on global marketing, sales and communication strategies.

Teleos is confident that Gowan, with its longstanding in-country relationships and specialty product portfolio, is the right partner to execute the go-to-market strategy in Spain and Italy. For more information about Teleos Ag Solutions and its new partnership with Gowan Crop Protection Limited, visit www.teleosag.com and www.gowanco.com.

About Gowan Group, LLC

Gowan Group is a global, family-owned agriculture solutions business headquartered in Yuma, AZ, U.S.A. Gowan specializes in developing, marketing, and manufacturing global agriculture inputs such as crop protection products, seeds, and fertilizers. Gowan began in 1962 as a local crop consultancy business helping growers identify the right crop protection solutions to help their farms thrive. Today, Gowan has over 20 entities in 15 countries and sales in over 70 countries. Across the world, the Gowan Tribe strives to understand the needs of local markets and provide solutions to critical pest problems. Using sound science and the coordination of regulatory, marketing, and sales expertise, Gowan then brings products to market that are essential for growers.

About Teleos Ag Solutions

Teleos Ag Solutions is the newly established worldwide distributor of TELONE™, the premiere pre-plant soil fumigant for control of plant parasitic nematodes and certain other destructive soil pests. Teleos Ag Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TriCal Soil Solutions, Inc. and part of the TriCal Group, known for its expertise in soil health and over 50 years of experience in soil fumigation. In partnership with Dow Corporation, Teleos Ag Solutions is committed to bringing technical sales and service support to farmers around the world. For more information go to www.teleosag.com.

Who We Are: Our Story


Formed in 2020, Teleos Ag Solutions is Dow’s exclusive, global distributor of 1,3-Dichloropropene (sold under the brand name TELONE™). Teleos Ag Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TriCal Soil Solutions, and part of the TriCal Group, leveraging more than 50 years of soil fumigation sales and service expertise to deliver our customers the world’s best defense against nematodes.

tel·eos | \ ˈtel-ē-ˌäs \
The name Teleos comes from the Greek word telos, a term used by the philosopher Aristotle in reference to an object or person achieving their full potential, or end goal. We believe that Teleos Ag Solutions achieves the highest standards in nematode protection and will help you achieve all of your pre-plant goals.

Our Purpose & Values


To provide customers robust and integrated nematode management solutions with TELONE™, supported by best-in -class soil fumigation leadership, stewardship, and customer experiences.


To become the global leader in TELONE™ solutions for customers.


T – Trust is at the foundation of each decision we make, from interactions with fellow teammates to how we engage with our customers.

E – Empowerment is our commitment to equip teammates to make the decisions they feel are best for the business and to adopt an environment that encourages thoughtful action without fear of failure.

L – Longevity is our commitment to the future; we are in this for the long-haul and we take thoughtful actions to grow a healthy and sustainable business built to last.

E – Expertise is our commitment to be leaders in our field through ongoing training, research, field trials, and university programs.

O – Openness is our commitment to new ideas, new ways of doing things, ability to challenge the status quo with nimbleness and technology.

S – Stewardship is our commitment to safety for our employees and customers through training, research & development of new products and equipment, and taking an active role in regulatory issues globally.

We’re dedicated to protecting your yield, your land, and the world’s food supply.