Author: Randy Huckaba

About the author: Randy Huckaba

Teleos Ag Solutions welcomed Dr. Randy Huckaba to the team in 2021. Randy has a wealth of experience and more than 30 years in the agriculture industry. Randy has a Bachelor of Science in Entomology from University of Florida, a Master of Science in Entomology from North Carolina State University, and a doctoral degree (phD) in Weed Science from North Carolina State University.

Prior to joining the Teleos team, Randy held multiple roles at Dow Agrosciences and Corteva. He started at Dow AgroSciences as a Product Technology Specialist, where he planned and implemented field research and development programs to validate field performance and test new products. He held this role for more than 20 years, before transitioning to a Field Research Station leader in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico, where he provided managerial leadership for personnel and projects to meet winter nursery goals for Seeds and Traits R&D organization.

After his tenure in Puerto Rico, Randy moved to Brazil, where he was Zonal Biology Team Leader, responsible for leading a key biology project in Brazil and Southern Cone for nearly three years. Upon returning to North Carolina, Randy became Dow’s lead Field Biologist in the Mid-Atlantic area—a role he held as Dow transitioned to Corteva. Concurrent with the roles at Dow AgroSciences and Corteva, he also served as an Adjunct Professor in Entomology at Virginia Tech since 2000.

Some of Randy’s highlights while working at Dow include research projects for soil fumigants (TELONE™ II, TELONE™ C-17, TELONE™ C-35, INLINE™) across many crops (tobacco, sweet potato, peanuts, cotton, vegetables) and the development of transgenic technology in corn, soybean and cotton.

In his current role as Teleos’ Director of Product Research and Development and Technical Agronomist, Randy is leading the company’s trial work and collaborating with the broader TriCal Group research team. Randy currently has more than a dozen research trials in several countries across multiple crops. 

Randy will be contributing blog posts covering a wide range of topics, from soil health to his research trial findings. Be sure to check back regularly for ongoing updates!

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