2022 Kennewick stewardship fumigation training meeting

PNW TELONE™ Stewardship Training Meetings

Stewardship is always top of mind for the Teleos team. As part of our ongoing stewardship efforts, our TELONE™ Specialists host stewardship training meetings across the country. For the past two summers, our PNW TELONE™ Specialist, Robin Matson, has hosted two large stewardship meetings in Moses Lake and Kennewick, Washington.

Robin’s stewardship meetings are designed to give applicators an overview of fumigation, how to safely handle and apply product, appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE), information on application inspections, licensing & compliance, first aid, and more!

PNW Stewardship Meeting Agenda

Robin has lined up an impressive list of guest speakers for these meetings, including industry experts covering a wide array of topics. The agenda for each meeting is the same, regardless of the day participants choose to attend.


6:45 AM – Please sign-in, enjoy coffee, tea, pastries, donuts

7:45 AM – Welcome, introductions, raffle, and program overview – Robin Matson, Teleos Ag Solutions

7:50 AM – TELONE™ Training Center // How-to register + new Spanish version – Robin Matson, Teleos Ag Solutions

8:25 AM – Chloropicrin Stewardship Safety Training – Jason Rainer, Trident Ag

9:05 AM – Metam Stewardship Safety Training – Tim Kuechmann, NovaSource; Jerry Scribner, AMVAC; John Cullen, Eastman Taminco

9:55 AM – Break & Raffle!

10:05 AM – What are the roles of L&I, WSDA, and DOH related to pesticides (Common Worker Protection Standard (WPS) problems found during Inspections/how to avoid them; Emergency & Routine Decontamination Requirements); Bradley Farrar, L&I Division of Occupational Safety and Health

10:55 AM – Description of first aid kit requirements/which kits are available for

Handlers/description of required PPE supplies for handler & applicator vehicles – Jason Pappas, Norco Industries, Safety Training Manager

11:15 AM – WPS, recordkeeping, FMP, licensing and other topics for a compliant & successful application; Carl Henrickson, Moses Lake; Erik Castillo, Kennewick – WSDA

12:00 PM – Closing remarks, Q&A, Raffle!

12:15 PM – Display of Personal Protection Equipment // Pesticide Recertification Sign-up Sheets

It’s also valuable for orchard replants. TELONE™ has been used for over 50 years in the agriculture industry, and numerous university studies and field trials back its efficacy.

How to RSVP

Are you an applicator in the PNW? Interested in attending this upcoming stewardship event? Download the accompanying PDF for information on how to RSVP directly to Robin Matson. We hope to see you there!

Online TELONE Training Center

Can’t attend in person? No problem. We have created an online TELONE™ Training Center portal that gives you access to seven distinct TELONE™ training modules, covering everything from nematode management to PPE to safe handling and proper first aid. Upon completion of all seven modules, you will be issued a certificate of completion and eligible for continue education units. Click here to access the TELONE™ Training Center.


Module 1 – TELONE™ Introduction

Module 2 – Nematode Management

Module 3 – TELONE™ Application

Module 4 – Protective Measures

Module 5 – Personal Protection Equipment

Module 6 – First Aid

Module 7 – Fires, Spills, and Cleanup

The TELONE™ Training Center modules are also available in Spanish, as well as English. For users looking to take the course in Spanish, click on “Ver en Español” at the top left of the portal welcome screen.

Other Stewardship Materials Available

In addition to the annual fumigation trainings offered by our TELONE™ Specialists, we have a number of stewardship resources available on our website, including:

The resources and information provided are meant purely for educational discussion, contains only general information about legal matters, and is not to be construed as advice. Please note that any information or resources provided are not legal or regulatory advice, and should not be treated as such. You must not rely on the information provided as an alternative to legal advice from your attorney or other professional services. Teleos Ag encourages readers to consult with counsel, and their local, county, and state regulators. We make no representations or warranties, express or implied, in relation to the information provided through our resources and blog posts. It is the readers responsibility to know the laws related to 1,3- D, appropriate PPE, Licensing, etc., in his or her City, County, State, and Country.