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TELONE™ Stewardship: Storage & Handling Guide

This in-depth stewardship guide provides an extensive overview of safely storing and handling TELONE™ products. You will find helpful advice for various aspects such as product information, loading/unloading procedures, PPE, emergency response, site equipment, rail and tank truck requirements, as well as clean up. User-specific situations may warrant deviation from this guide, though it is […]

TELONE™ Stewardship Tip Sheet: Railcar Release Checklist

Transporting TELONE™ safely on our nation’s railroads is of paramount importance to Teleos Ag Solutions. With that in mind, Teleos has developed a TELONE™ Rail Release Checklist to assist customers with final Department of Transportation (DOT) inspection on TELONE™ rail cars prior to departure from their facility. This checklist highlights the responsibility of each person […]

TELONE™ Stewardship: Calibration Guide

When it comes to combating soil-borne pests, using the right product accurately is crucial. TELONE™ II is a powerful solution that can effectively control certain soil-borne pests. However, the equipment used to apply TELONE™ II must be calibrated correctly to ensure that the product is applied uniformly and at the right rate. Teleos has developed […]